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Our design process

Our design phase covers the work we do to transform your initial ideas into a fully detailed specification and drawing pack ready for manufacture. Starting points can range from vague concepts to full architect’s plans, so the steps we take depend on the specific needs of the project.

We consider the project’s overall requirements to ensure our work fits within the timeline and complements the work of other collaborators. Forward planning enables our team to work efficiently and ensures you know what to expect at each stage of the process.

We can work with you to develop an initial concept, exploring material options and offering suggestions for the layout and design aesthetic. With an extensive collection of material samples in our workshop and numerous examples of previous projects, we have plenty of inspiration to share.

When collaborating with architects and designers, we can often move straight into the detailed design stage using the concepts that have already been developed.

A significant part of our work involves evaluating a project’s technical requirements, ensuring the design is fit for purpose and appropriate for the intended space. With years of experience working with various materials and installing furniture and joinery in numerous settings, we can anticipate potential problems early on.

Our drawings are built as 3D models, complete with all necessary manufacturing details and fixtures, providing a clear view of the final product and allowing us to resolve complex details before production begins. We meticulously survey installation spaces to ensure our work fits perfectly once installed.

Collaboration is key, starting with you and extending to the wider project team. We aim to complement the work of other trades to keep the project running smoothly and to provide the best value to our clients.

Inspired by the RIBA Plan of Work, our phased approach outlines clear project steps with tangible objectives. We prioritise clear communication, with focused meetings, detailed drawings, and material sampling all helping to eliminate assumptions being made. This forms the basis of healthy collaboration with you and the project team and also ensures our makers have a clear understanding of the project requirements as it moves from design through the workshop and onto installation.

We love what we do and believe it’s important for our team to find their work rewarding. Working in a structured way creates a sense of calm while allowing space for creativity and a dynamic approach, whether designing, making, or problem-solving.

Every project begins with many decisions yet to be made, each affecting the final cost. We start with an estimated cost for the entire project, refining pricing as design work progresses. A fixed quote is provided for the next phase once objectives and scope are defined.

For projects focused on cost savings, we can use our design phase to explore options for affordable materials and detailing to meet your needs without compromising quality.